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Category: Office
Subcategory: Text Editors
Platform: VAX/VMS, OpenVMS
License: unknown
Interface: CLI
Wikipedia: EDT_(Digital)
First release: unknown

EDT – a simple text editor for VAX VMS from Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) running on PDP-11 and RT-11, and later for its OpenVMS operating system.

A clone uses numeric key-pad for common editing functions. It is easy to learn, efficient, enables rapid editing. Multiple buffers. Handles large files. Light-weight.

The Edt editor is a simple text editor for rapid text manipulation. Common operations are accessed by single keys on the numeric key-pad (to the right of the character key-board). Styled after the DEC VMS EDt/EVE/TPU editors, Edt is simple to use. It maximizes flexibility from the fewest number of commands and key-operators. Like most modern editors, you normally operate in full-screen insert mode, while moving around, deleting/pasting, etc..

Edt contains four built-in buffers:
– character buffer,
– word buffer (delineated by white-space),
– line buffer (delineated by ),
– paste buffer (arbitrary length).

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