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Category: Office
Subcategory: Text Editors
Platform: VAX/VMS, OpenVMS
License: unknown
Interface: CLI
Wikipedia: Language-Sensitive_Editor
First release: 1999

LSE (Language Sensitive Editor) – a multilanguage programmer’s editor. Language-specific templates and online language help assist both new and experienced programmers in developing programs faster. With LSE, users can efficiently edit, compile, review diagnostic information from compilations, and correct compile time errors without exiting the editor. LSE also enables users to customize and extend their editing environment.

Programmers can perform low-level program designs with LSE by embedding pseudocode in source code. Users can also view source code at various levels of detail by replacing a sequence of source lines with a single overview line.

LSE provides an interface via callable routines, as well as through the LSE command-line interface and the DECwindows Motif for OpenVMS VAX interface.

LSE offers the following features:
– Language-specific source code templates for fast entry of source code
– Compilation, review, and correction of compile-time errors within a single edit session
– Interactive edit capabilities during debugging
– Ability to customize editing environments
– Integrated access to the Source Code Analyzer (SCA) cross-referencing features (Kednos PL/I for OpenVMS VAX only)
– Ability to access SCA or diagnostics file information
– Support for a package facility to define your own subroutine call templates, with tokens and placeholders available for use by multiple LSE environments
– Source code templates for calls to OpenVMS system services
– Support for user-written diagnostic files, enhancing support for nonsupported and user-modified compilers
– Besides PL/I, LSE supports many other products.

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