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Category: Office
Subcategory: Text Editors
Platform: OS X
License: MIT
Interface: GUI
Wikipedia: SubEthaEdit
First release: 2003

SubEthaEdit (previously: Hydra) – a general purpose plain text editor for macOS. Widely known for its live collaboration feature.

– Fine grained Undo – Undo that works the way you do, without grouping too many edits together.
– Blockedit – Edit on multiple lines at the same time. Just option click the lines you want and type away.
– Live Web Preview – Edit HTML and see a live preview result. Even reloading automatically when you save referenced css or js files.
– Split and New Views – Have as many windows open of one document as you like. Great for comparing multiple places, keeping a reference section open, or follow others.
– Powerful Search and Replace – Use your desired flavor of regex for search. From simple shell to full power ruby style. Have multiple search result windows at the same time. Constrain search to just preselected parts of your document.
– Line Numbers, Folding and Selection – See the structure and depth of your documents in the line number and folding ribbon. Fold text away based on depths or however you want. Select lines and/or depth easy with a single click. Select to matching braces by a simple double click.
– Command-line Tool: see – Harness the full power of your Unix system by using see as your default editor. Pipe in and out of it and much more. man see for complete command-line documentation.
– Full AppleScript Support – Create custom scripts for your workflows. Integrate SubEthaEdit in your automations.
– Mojave Dark Mode – Full support for dark mode in macOS Mojave. Of course you still can configure your syntax style independently as well.

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