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Category: Network
Subcategory: Microblog Clients
Platform: Linux, UNIX-like
License: GPL
Interface: cli
First release: December 2008

Twidge – a tool for interacting with microblogging sites such as Twitter and StatusNet.

Twidge is a full command-line client. It is designed to be useful when you’re sitting at a shell prompt. It’s also designed to work well with the Unix/POSIX/Linux shell scripting environment. It produces output in well-formed and easily-parsed ways, and has various features for working with piped data.

It can be used to:
– Simply update your own status and following your friends
– Setting status based on system events
– Receiving status updates via email, and sending your friends and your replies to email
– Scheduling status updates for the future
– The sky’s the limit!

This software was written by John Goerzen.
The latest version of Twidge was released in 2014.

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