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Category: Network
Subcategory: VoIP Clients
Platform: Linux
License: GPL
Interface: GUI, CLI
First release: April 27, 2005

Twinkle – a softphone for your voice over IP and instant messaging communications using the SIP protocol. You can use it for direct IP phone to IP phone communication or in a network using a SIP proxy to route your calls and messages.

Twinkle features:
– 2 call appearances (lines)
– Multiple active call identities
– Custom ring tones
– Call Waiting
– Call Hold
– 3-way conference calling
– Mute
– Call redirection on demand
– Call redirection unconditional
– Call redirection when busy
– Call redirection no answer
– Reject call redirection request
– Blind call transfer
– Call transfer with consultation (attended call transfer)
– Reject call transfer request
– Call reject
– Repeat last call
– Do not disturb
– Auto answer
– Message Waiting Inidication
– Voice mail speed dial
– User defineable scripts triggered on call events
– E.g. to implement selective call reject or distinctive ringing
– RFC 2833 DTMF events
– Inband DTMF
– Out-of-band DTMF (SIP INFO)
– STUN support for NAT traversal
– Send NAT keep alive packets when using STUN
– NAT traversal through static provisioning
– Persistent TCP connections for NAT traversal
– Missed call indication
– History of call detail records for incoming, outgoing, successful and missed calls
– DNS SRV support
– Automatic failover to an alternate server if a server is unavailable
– Other programs can originate a SIP call via Twinkle, e.g. call from address book
– System tray icon
– System tray menu to quickly originate and answer calls while Twinkle stays hidden
– User defineable number conversion rules
– Simple address book
– Support for UDP and TCP as transport for SIP
– Presence
– Instant messaging
– Simple file transfer with instant message
– Instant message composition indication
– Command line interface (CLI)

It is designed for Linux operating systems and uses the Qt toolkit for its graphical user interface.

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