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Last Updated on: 1st December 2023, 02:59 pm

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Category: Network
Subcategory: Instant Messengers
Platform: Android, iOS
License: Freeware
Interface: GUI
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UseCrypt Messenger – a secure messenger available to a smartphone, which makes it possible to hold encrypted messages and calls in HD standard. Whole communication via Usecrypt Messenger is secured with end‑to‑end encryption with all cryptographic operations made on user’s device.

SECURING DATA FROM THE LEVEL OF DEVICE/PHONE (AT-REST) – it encrypts the APPLICATION (conversations, chats and call history in the application on the device/phone) making it impossible to extract/take-out anything from the app/phone). Phone operating system copies all the conversations, chats and history of talks and allows to extract it from the phone. The application protects your data in the App, when: loosing phone, stealing phone, giving to 3rd party to service, giving to your employer/company’s phone with private messengers), giving away to security institutions, remote attacks by hackers and business competitors, when leaving the phone unattended.

INDEPENDENT PASSWORD – The App has Enter Code that is independent to the operating system, making it impossible to open the application by unauthorized person (after breaking the screen lock of the phone).

THE ONLY APP THAT CAN DETECT IF YOUR PHONE HASN’T BEEN HACKED – Usecrypt is the only App that checks/inspects if your microphone and speaker is hacked; each time your open Usecrypt Messenger the App checks if UseCrypt Messenger is one and only App with access to microphone and speaker at that very point of time, it also checks if you do not have malicious apps on your phone.

PANIC CODE – The App has Panic Code; when forced to open the App the Panic Code erases the entire history and disconnect the Service leaving the App empty.

UNTRACEABLE IP – It is NOT using webRTC protocol that most of the Apps are and that allows easily to see to whom you called and where the person was; it gives full IP anonimity.

SERVERS DON’T STORE ANY DATA – By design the app’s server application never stores any history of calls, conversations and text messages – technically never touch your data so it cannot give it away.

PRIVACY FOR EMPLOYEE – That encrypts the conversations, chats and call history of the application on the device/phone (making it impossible to extract anything from the app).

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