Last Updated on: 1st December 2023, 02:57 pm

Web site: dissenter.com
Category: Network
Subcategory: Web browsers
Platform: Linux, OS X, Windows
License: Proprietary
Interface: GUI
First release:

Dissenter – a free speech web browser that blocks ads and trackers. It creates a digital public square on every URL. Leave your own comments and discover what others have commented in the past. Try it on news articles, blog posts, Wikipedia pages, YouTube links, and even individual tweets. Dissenter is powered by Gab.com, a user-owned social networking platform dedicated to protecting free speech online for all people.

Dissenter is a fast ad-blocking web browser based on the Brave browser. Dissenter Browser aims to reduce the amount of tracking and third-party connections which are made by modern browsers, and disable big tech control over what you can and can’t do. The Dissenter extension is included, allowing you to join a comments section on any URL.

– Block Big Tech Ads and Trackers – By using Dissenter you’ll be blocking Big Tech ads and trackers, making your browsing experience faster and more secure.
– Comment on any URL – Dissenter creates a comment section on every URL online. Leave a comment on news sites, videos, and more. Easily view comments left by other people and chat with others visiting the same link in real time.
– Customize Your Browser Experience – With the Dissenter New Tab feature you can customize your browsing experience with unique designs, a choice of search engines, and more.

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