Ulaa Browser

Last Updated on: 12th December 2023, 07:47 pm

Web site: ulaa.com
Category: Network
Subcategory: Web browsers
Platform: Linux, OS X, Windows, Android, iOS
License: Proprietary
Interface: GUI
First release: May 4, 2023

Ulaa Browser – a privacy-centered browser created by Zoho Corporation. Ulaa is the next step in Zoho Corporation’s long-standing commitment to privacy, and designed to help users protect their personal information and internet activity from the prying eyes of surveillance companies.

The web browser comes equipped with features that allow for privacy customization, built-in browser modes, and integrated productivity tools while keeping user data safe and private. Users can also sync browsing sessions between devices — either an entire browser window or a singular tab — allowing them to use multiple devices for the same browsing session seamlessly.

Ulaa is committed to protecting users’ data with transparency, security, and respect. To guarantee users’ security, Ulaa has taken several measures to protect them, including the implementation of a variety of filters and an adblocker that can block high-risk cybersecurity threats, adware risks, and crypto-miners, among other threats.

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