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Web site: webbie.org.uk/webbrowser/index.htm
Category: Network
Subcategory: Web browsers
Platform: Windows
License: Freeware
Interface: GUI
First release: January 24, 2013

webbIE – a freeware web browser designed for screen reader users. WebbIE lets you browse web pages, search the web, fill in forms, do ecommerce, and use online email, all in a highly-usable text-only display that works with any screenreader.

– Shows web pages as plain text so you can simply cursor around the page like you would a Word document. Much simpler than navigating complex tree-like web pages using a standard web browser.
– Easy Google web search: enter your search, press return, and just cursor up and down the results. Fast and simple.
– Support for forms, so you can use eCommerce and online shops and online email like GMail.
– Jump quickly to headings and navigate around with single keystrokes.
– List links on a page and cursor around them to find out where you can go.
– Quickly crop out the rubbish at the top of a page and scattered around the page, so you can get on with reading the page content without having to spend time finding it.
– Access and add to your Internet Explorer Favorites.
– Works with any screenreader, including NVDA, Thunder, JAWS, WindowEyes, Hal, and the built-in Windows Narrator.
– Change font size and font so you can make text big and readable for you.
– Uses system colours so you can select yellow-on-black and high visibility schemes for maximum readability.
– Handles Javascript and HTML5 features so the latest web pages have a chance of working.
– Fully translated into a dozen languages and displays web pages written in any language.
– Open RSS News Feeds for sites so you can quickly skip to the page you want.

WebbIE was developed as a student project at the Department of Computation at University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology.

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