HCL Connections

Web site: www.hcl-software.com/connections
Category: Network
Subcategory: Wiki, Forums, Microblog, Gallery, Collaborative work, File sharing
Platform: Cross-platform
License: Proprietary
Interface: Web-based
Wikipedia: HCL Connections
First release: 2019

HCL Connections (Connections or abbreviated CNX) – a software that offers collaboration features, social networks, content management integrated in a one solution.

There are also integrations from and into other tools, such as email, instant messaging or specific applications such as Microsoft Teams. The product originally belonged to IBM and was called IBM Connections. As part of the acquisition by HCL in 2019, it was renamed HCL Connections.

– Homepage – a portal site which can federate information from many sources.
– Microblogging – primarily used to stay current with updates from across the social network through the home page
– Profiles – a social network service – primarily used to find people in the organization by expertise, current projects, and responsibilities. Home page, microblogs, and tags.
– Communities – a collaborative space for people to work together with a discussion forum space.
– Ideation – Provides the ability to crowdsource ideas
– Media Gallery – Used to share photos and videos and stream those videos from the server
– Blogs – a blogging service.
– Bookmarks – a social bookmarking service.
– Activities – a task management tool for groups of people to work together on a specific project or task.
– Files – a content library for storing, sharing and revision management of computer files.
– Wikis – a Wiki system for publishing and editing content.
– Forums – an Internet forum system where people can ask questions, share their experiences, and discuss topics of common interest.
– Search – for searching across IBM Connections.

The remaining elements from HCL Connections (wikis, blogs, forums, surveys, etc.) can be combined in communities. Access rights can be set up here and member lists can be maintained.

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