Judge0 IDE

Last Updated on: 13th December 2023, 04:22 pm

Web site: ide.judge0.com
Category: Office
Subcategory: Text Editors
Platform: Web-based, Self-hosted
License: MIT
Interface: Web-based
First release: 2017

Judge0 IDE – a free and open-source online code editor that allows you to write and execute code from a rich set of languages. It’s perfect for anybody who just wants to quickly write and run some code without opening a full-featured IDE on their computer. Moreover, it is also useful for teaching and learning or just trying out a new language.

Judge0 IDE is using Judge0 for executing user’s source code.

– Quick and easy installation
– Rich and verbose API documentation
– Scalable architecture
– Sandboxed compilation and execution
– Support for 60+ languages
– Support for additional files alongside the user’s program
– Support for custom user-defined compiler options, command-line arguments, and time and memory limits
– Detailed execution results
– Webhooks (HTTP callbacks)

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