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Category: Network
Subcategory: Web Browsers
Platform: Android, OS X, Windows
License: Freeware
Interface: GUI
First release: October 2001

Lunascape – free web browser that has been downloaded a total of more than 20 million times by users in 196 different countries. This cutting-edge, highly customizable web browser is designed to achieve the optimal browsing experience both at work and at home.

– Triple Engine – the three most popular rendering engines (Trident, Gecko, WebKit) have been integrated in a single browser.
– High-speed browsing – built on independently developed technology, Lunascape6 is faster than other browsers that use the Gecko engine.
– Engine auto-switch – you can specify which engine any given page should open with. Registering your favorite site in the Engine Auto-Switch.
– Keep your favorite browser settings – to control the behavior of your favorite rendering engine, go to the engine settings screen via the “Engine options…” button in Lunascape Settings.
– Gecko add-on support – it supports add-ons of Internet Explorer and Gecko (Firefox), plus add-ons made specifically for Lunascape, all in a single browser.
– Tab Lock and Shift Lock – you can “fix” any tab with a pin like in Firefox, to prevent it from closing.
– Cascade view – lets you display the contents of all tabs side by side in the same window.
– Versatile tab menu – it displays web pages in tabs, each of which comes equipped with a comprehensive menu available by right-clicking on the tab title.
– Full screen and Large screen modes.
– Display your tabs in multiple rows – the multi-row tab bar which displays your tabs on as many rows as required, while retaining the width of individual tabs. If you prefer you can of course specify that all tabs be kept in a single row.
– Automatic backups – automatically backs up your settings for you, including bookmarks, history, plugins etc.
– Customize mouse actions – you can assign any of up to 200 commands to mouse gestures such as double-click, wheel-click, left+right-click, etc.
– Luna ID coordination – register a personal Luna ID to enjoy social bookmark services like Gaia.
– Synchronize your bookmarks – you can sync your Lunascape bookmarks with iLunascape as well as Firefox via our FirefoxSync compatible feature Online Bookmarks.
– Mouse gestures – comes with complete support for mouse gestures.
– High-end search engines – provides a default set of search engines including Amazon, saving you the trouble of looking up the most popular search sites by hand.
– Skins – Lunascape users have created a large repository of skins available to install and use for free by anyone.
– Ticker – displays headlines from major news sites, automatically cycling through a predefined list of sources.
– Delete your personal data when exiting Lunascape – to protect your privacy on, e.g., a shared system, you can choose to always delete all your personal data every time you exit Lunascape.
– Block unwanted URLs – makes this easy by letting you specify which URLs should be blocked.
– Switch user agent – allows you to switch user agent to change the appearance of pages so as to appear the same as in other browsers.

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