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Category: Network
Subcategory: Peer2Peer Client
Platform: Linux, OS X, Windows
License: GPL
Interface: GUI
First release: February 13, 2005

Nicotine – a graphical client for the SoulSeek peer-to-peer system. Written in Python, the graphical interface was created using PyGTK.

Nicotine+ is an attempt to keep Nicotine working with the latest libraries, kill bugs, keep current with the Soulseek protocol, and add some new features that users want and/or need.

Nicotine was created on the base of the PySoulSeek program. Hyriand, the author of Nicotine, after the release of version 1.0.8rc1 (later renamed to 1.0.8), began working on a new client for the Soulseek network called Museek.

Due to the lack of new versions of Nicotine, daelstorm created a fork called Nicotine+, in the assumption of which is adding new functionality and supporting the latest version of the Soulseek protocol.

The current main developer is Michael Labouebe (gfarmerfr).

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