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Last Updated on: 5th December 2023, 06:00 pm

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Category: Network
Subcategory: Web browsers
Platform: Android
License: Freeware
Interface: GUI
First release:

Petal Browser – a web browser dedicated to providing high-speed Internet browsing, convenient searching, and comprehensive privacy protection for phone and tablet users.

– More intelligent Newsfeed – The browser is also a great tool to read news and information you like. With the help of the recommender systems and AI algorithm, your favourite information will always be on the screen.
– Classic / Standard layout – You can choose the layout you like, switching by your preference.
– Navigation gesture – In addition to pressing the button, you can also use gestures to control your websites.Use gestures to browse the website forward and backward, making reading easier.
– Safe browsing – Browser cooperates with Internet security companies, to detect the security of websites and shield the identified malicious websites.
– Private mode – When you don’t want your browsing history or other information to be seen by others, turn on private mode is a good idea. Browser protect your browsing process from being tracked, to ensure your private experience.

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