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Category: Network
Subcategory: IRC Clients
Platform: Cross-platform
License: BSD
Interface: CLI, ncurses
First release: 1993 (C-Toolz)

ScrollZ (previously: C-Toolz) – advanced IRC client based on ircII code. It adds features normally found in ircII scripts.

The main difference between these scripts and ScrollZ is the code. Where ircII scripts take a lot of disk and memory space and run slow, ScrollZ only takes a couple of extra kilobytes compared to stock ircII client yet runs faster than any ircII script. This was accomplished by using C code instead of ircII scripting language. This reduces memory and CPU usage and code tends to run faster. ScrollZ includes features such as built-in userlist, shitlist, improved scripting, Blowfish based encryption, features for IRC operators and user friendly features such as completion for nicks and channels.

The most important features are:
– supports colors
– internal userlist and shitlist
– a lot of things are stored in memory, so we don’t have to contact server at all in some cases
– improved file exchange (based on Sheik’s cdcc.c)
– improved cosmetics (based on TooLie Box by Zakath)
– improved flood protection
– adds channel protection
– comes with user-friendly options like tab key, auto reply and URL catcher
– logs events important to you when you’re away (customizable)
– adds OperVision (optional; coded by Zakath)
– supports virtual IP

ScrollZ does NOT have the ICB support nor the DCC TALK support that are available in ircII.

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