Apache Lenya

Last Updated on: 13th December 2023, 01:42 pm

Web site: lenya.apache.org
Category: Network
Subcategory: Content Management System
Platform: Cross-platform
License: Apache License
Interface: Web-interface
First release: May 1999

Apache Lenya – an Open Source Java/XML Content Management System and comes with revision control, multi-site management, scheduling, search, WYSIWYG editors, and workflow. Lenya is based on Apache Cocoon. All Cocoon components can be used to develop customized functionality. Lenya uses Unit Tests to discover regressions in the code.

Browser-based WYSIWYG Editors are provided that validate input against a RELAX NG Schema. This prevents invalid markup as produced by other WYSIWYG editors and enables enforcement of web site style guidelines. Lenya ships with the BXE and Kupu editors out of the box. Asset management and link management are integrated into BXE and Kupu.
A forms editor is available for situations where a full-blown WYSIWYG editor is overkill or where legacy browsers need to be supported.
Pages that are being edited are automatically locked for other users, preventing conflicting changes to the same page.
Each edit of a page creates a new revision, and you can revert to any previous revision of a page.

Lenya includes a customizable workflow engine that uses an easy XML format to define workflows. Standard one- and two-stage workflows are included. Users can be notified by email about pending approvals.
Workflow events such as publishing or deactivating a page can be scheduled.
Separate authoring, staging and live areas are supported. For convenience, the staging area is disabled by default.
All workflow steps are logged, providing an audit trail.

The Lenya project was retired to the Apache Attic in April 2015.

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