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Last Updated on: 28th November 2023, 08:19 pm

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Category: Network
Subcategory: Forums
Platform: Cross-platform
License: Proprietary
Interface: Web
First release: 2002

Invision Community (previously: IPS Community Suite) – a proprietary internet community software produced by Invision Power Services Inc. The software is written in PHP and uses MySQL as a database management system.

Invision Community comes from Invision Power Board, which can be purchased separately and requires IP.Suite. Up to version 3.4 of Invision Power Board, employees gradually expanded their product line with additional community-focused applications, such as: IP.Blog, IP.Gallery and IP.Content. However, IP.Board was always required because many aspects of the core and other applications relied on it. Starting with IP.Suite 4, they decided to opt out of IP.Board as their “flagship” product and standardize version numbering and release schedule for all of their applications.

The software also provides tools and documentation to enable community to create its own applications, themes and other things that can be shared for free or sold to other customers through its own Invision Power Services community.

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