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Category: Office
Subcategory: Text Editors
Platform: Windows
License: Proprietary
Interface: GUI
Wikipedia (PL): NoteTab
First release: unknown

NoteTab – a text editor designed to work on Windows systems developed by the Swiss programmer Eric Fookes. NoteTab allows you to work with multiple documents in tabs at the same time, offers advanced text search and replacement tools (including regular expressions), uses document templates and has a built-in macro language with quite a lot of possibilities.

Characteristic of NoteTab are the so-called outline documents, clipbooks macro libraries and the ability to create your own toolbars called clipbars.
– An outline document is a document that contains hyperlinks to other text documents. This makes it easy to create lists of thematically related documents.
– Clipbook is a library of macro commands (clips) that are displayed in the side panel.
– A clipbar is a user-created bar of buttons related to macros, analogous to the toolbar known from other Windows applications.

NoteTab is available in three versions: Light, Standard and Pro. The Light version is freeware, the other two are distributed as shareware. The Light version is a fully functional program without any limitations in the form of time limits, usability, nag screens and the like.

The NoteTab editor (especially the Pro version) is addressed to programmers, authors of websites and everyone who deals with text documents on a daily basis.

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