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Category: Network
Subcategory: Wiki
Platform: Linux, BSD, OS X, Windows
License: GNU GPL
Interface: Web-interface
Wikipedia: UseModWiki
First release: October 11, 1999

UseModWiki – an implementation of the original Wiki concept created by WardCunningham. A “wiki” is a website that is collaboratively edited by its users, including the ability to change text written by other users (see WhatIsaWiki). This site exists to test UseModWiki and to attract suggestions for future improvements.

Clifford Adams created UseModWiki on AtisWiki code by Markus Denker; AtisWiki is based on Peter Merel’s CvWiki; CvWiki is the first GNU-licensed wiki based on WikiBase, the engine of the original WikiWikiWeb wiki by Ward Cunningham.

– New RecentChanges
– SubPages which allow every page to act like a separate wiki
– InterWiki links like Wiki:UseModWiki
– A PageRedirect command? (useful for plural/singular link pairs)
– EditConflict detection and resolution
– All pages have a search form and a link to RecentChanges
– The editing lock can be force-cleared by a remote user
– Index of all pages (common feature)
– Previous author backup allows recovery from accidental editing (common feature)
– Free Links for free-form wiki names
– Administrative features. See AdminFeatures for documentation.

Setup and other features:
– Simple setup
– Optional HtmlCache which significantly reduces CPU usage
– Pages are stored in ordinary files, allowing simple renaming, deletion, and backups
– The script code is developed with “use strict;”

From the beginning of its existence (January 15, 2001) to the beginning of 2002 UseModWiki software was used in all language versions of Wikipedia.

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