Web site: tiddlywiki.com
Category: Network
Subcategory: Wiki
Platform: Linux, Cross-platform
License: BSD
Interface: Web-interface
Wikipedia: TiddlyWiki
First release: September 30, 2004

TiddlyWiki – a free web application that creates a wiki within a single HTML document.

TiddlyWiki has a modular structure: most of the wiki’s functions are defined in tiddlers themselves. The exception is core functions that are required to start the wiki. These core functionalities are referred to as kernels in TiddlyWiki-Lingua. Additional functions can be added in the form of custom tiddlers.

In this way it is e.g. For example, it is possible to add language files that translate the English-language controls into another language. In the same way, the design can be customized, e.g. B. by changing the HTML of an underlying template tiddler or by adding CSS or JavaScript tiddlers. The so-called system tiddlers or shadow tiddlers can also be modified. These are not overwritten, but a copy with the same name is created, which is then edited. If you delete the copy, the original system tiddler underneath is restored.

An empty TiddlyWiki, including the integrated JavaScript and CSS code, has a size of around 2.1 megabytes (version 5.1.19. It is controlled by JavaScript and in its simplest version – saving via Save As function of the web browser – does not require a server application. All data is stored within the document. This makes it suitable as a portable information collection that can be opened, edited and saved in all browsers and on all operating systems. However, there are also many alternative storage methods available, such as using a Node.js-based web server or using a browser plug-in.

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